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KIM FA Company is a family company, which has been created 50 years ago in Papeete by Mr Lisfa Liu Sing (so called « Kim Fa »). It started as a grocery and retail shop, situated at the central market of the capital city of French Polynesia, in Tahiti island (main island of French Polynesia).

Tableau d'époque Edahrt Lux et la société Kimfa aujourd'hui

KIM FA developed wholesale trade as importer and distributor, first with wines from various origins: Algeria and Morocco, Chile, France. The company then developed its business on the beer (Heineken brand) and natural mineral water markets (Danone waters). The company has expanded and imports and distributes also wines, spirits, from Europe and Chile, fruit juices, syrups, coffee, tea. Kim fa is closely linked with well renowned brands and « maisons ».
Now, the small retail shop of the city market has disappeared, but is remembered on paintings. The company has moved to the industrial area of Fare Ute, close to the harbour, where it owns three warehouses. The company is now chaired by the daughter of the founder, Wiwine Liu Sing.

Bandeau produit

Its distribution covers all the vast maritime territory of French Polynesia (total population : 280 000): in Tahiti and Moorea islands, the Leeward islands (with Bora Bora), and the Australes, Tuamotu, Gambier and Marquesas archipelagos. The clients of Kim Fa are retail shops of all categories, bars, restaurants and hotels.
The turnover was 2.5 billon Pacific Francs (19,700 million €) in year 2010.

Nos marques

Un petit aperçu des marques distribuées par KimFa en Polynésie Française
  • Volvic
  • Evian
  • Badoit
  • Heineken
  • Desperados
  • Adel Scott
  • Vichy
  • Rozana
  • St-yorre
  • Illy
  • Damoiseau
  • Rhum J.M
  • Zubrowka
  • Wyborowa
  • Sobieski
  • Nekta
  • Aloe
  • Sirop Sport
  • Dammann frères